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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monkey and Squirrel

Monkey and Squirrel Android game

This game is about monkeys and squirrels. The monkeys and squirrels live in different islands on the opposite sides of a bay.  Unfortunately, the island that the monkeys live in does not have enough bananas, so the monkeys are trying to cross over to the squirrels' island to take some bananas. The monkeys are trying to cross the bay in many different ways, including building a raft, diving underwater, and gliding in the air, and sometimes they'll even try pulling away bananas with a watermill.

The squirrels are trying to stop the monkeys by shooting coconuts at them. Your goal is to help the squirrels shoot coconuts. To shoot a coconut, touch the squirrel and lift it up into the air and let go to drop the squirrel on the catapult.  Each round will have 5 monkeys, and each new monkey will be faster and smarter than the last monkey. You have 15 coconuts to shoot.

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