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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Development Index

We are keeping development blog to support our customers. We hope that you can find this blog helpful for your Android games selection.

Introduce new game release.

This game is about monkeys and squirrels. The monkeys and squirrels live in different islands on the opposite sides of a bay.  Unfortunately, the island that the monkeys live in does not have enough bananas, so the monkeys are trying to cross over to the squirrels' island to take some bananas. The monkeys are trying to cross the bay in many different ways, including building a raft, diving underwater, and gliding in the air, and sometimes they'll even try pulling away bananas with a watermill.

Where to buy our apps

Our Mobile Apps currently distributing around the worlds. You can find them in GooglePlay or Amazon. In addition, there are several distributing apps stores in Asia market.

Our Apps no need to buy points/coins

There are some mistaken review on our apps about buying points/coins to play. So far, we manage on all of our pay apps no need to buy points/coins. You paid when buying apps, no need to pay again for points/coins to play like those free apps. Also, we do not use any network access on our pay apps that you purchase  Therefore, not possible to buy coins when no network access.

Cancel or Refund.

Please contact the distributor directly for your apps distributing, download or request for refund. We are an independent software developer and not directly distributing your apps. Therefore, please understand that we do not have any purchasing record or transaction, and cannot help on transaction cancel or refund.

Our Apps No Need Network access.

We manage on all of our pay apps for no Network or Internet access. This is to ensure our customers feel safe when purchase our apps. Unlike other apps with Network access require, some time those apps want to monitor your phone call, that may make you worry. Not in our pay apps. We do not monitor your phone, you can feel safe when buying our apps.

Points recovery.

Customers often ask us on how to recover points from an old device. We have no way to recover your points. If you switch device, you may need to re-install the apps on your new device. The existing points are in your old device, and we cannot move them over to the new device. You may look for any backup/restore apps in the market that may do so.

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